WeWriWa #8sunday

Welcome back warriors! Happy New Years. May 2014 see all your wishes come true. Weekend Writing Warriors lets authors give readers and other participants a sneak peek at current work or a work in progress. Visit www.wewriwa.com to check it out. Below I’ve included a snippet from my new release No Reason to Run. Last week, we left Shane with an armful of trouble. LOL. I skipped a few sentences ahead to provide some dialogue. There’s some creative punctuation as well.


“Listen, you got no reason to trust me, I get that, but you need a place to sleep and I’m offering.” She listened or gave a good impression of faking it. “Best thing you can do is take the bed. As pretty as you are, princess, come morning your ass will be dragging.” Shane heard her gasp right before he felt a bony elbow poke his stomach.

Shane chuckled and continued. “Everything looks better in the morning.” At least, his mom always said so but Shane didn’t necessarily have enough intel to support this and wouldn’t tell his mom that.




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