Thursday Teasers

This week I’m trying something new with Thursday Tasters. Participants post a sample of their WIP. I struggled with this and was tempted to use something from my February sci-fi release Honor Bound but that’s not a WIP since its done and in the editing phase. Then I decided to use something I’ve been playing with so here it is, a little random something I’m playing with. Enjoy!

“What about tomorrow?”

 Persistent thing. Gavin headed for the corner spot where he’d parked his bike. “Nope. Shop’s closed on Sunday. Day of rest and all that shit.”

 She snorted out a laugh and her light steps followed him. “So about the ad…”

 Hell. Gavin threw a leg over his bike and balanced on his hips. He’d give her five minutes. Top. “You’re here about the ad?”

 She shoved her hands in the hoodie pockets and smiled. “No, but I figured it would make you stop.”

 Gavin let the meaning of her words sink in and then laughed. “Wow. Okay, you got me.” He shook his head at her daring. “What can Ready Ink do for you?”


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