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Thursday Tasters


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Welcome, welcome to another taste of my Thursday Taster. LOL. Before we jump into my sample below, please be sure to try my fellow tasters at http://thursdaytasters.blogspot.com/  There are some great offers from fellow authors. For this week, I returned to my WIP about Gavin and his mysterious lady.

Her head tipped to the side in thought. He cursed the darkness that shrouded her features. “It’s not Ready Ink I’m interested in but its owner.”

     Gavin gripped his helmet on his lap and tried to ignore the flash of heat her words caused. Groupies came on to him by the dozen. Nothing new in that. Like flies drawn to sweet, they locked on to his full sleeves or the piercing in his brow and labeled him for exactly what he was.

     “Which owner you looking for?” Gavin wouldn’t poach if she wanted Jayke.  

     “Gavin Turner.”

     A small smile curved his lip. “Then hop on lady, you got Gavin for the night.”

8 thoughts on “Thursday Tasters”

  1. Naomi ShawNaomi Shaw

    Excellent taster with great visuals. I really need to know more.about Gavin.Can’t wait to read more

  2. TheresaTheresa

    hmmmm, was intrigued would like to see a bit more to give broader view but well done…., nice taste… hugs T

  3. brantwijnbrantwijn

    O mai… somebody sounds like a man I’d happily “hop on”. I agree with Naomi… the visuals in this are marvelous.

  4. pablomichaelspablomichaels

    You trapped me; I want to find out more of what’s going on and what Gavin is like.

  5. Muffy WilsonMuffy Wilson

    Short,sweet and to the point!! A randy man with loyalty. That is rare to find but not unheard of in a man with great character, as is Gavin, clearly. Great taster and I am ready for more Gavin <3 xo

  6. Jake MaldenJake Malden

    Your Gavin sounds like a bit of a reprobate just like mine. Nice snappy excerpt, giving a sense of a very entertaining tale to come…

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