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Winter in full force


Hope everyone is keeping warm in the Northeast. Winter is definitely kicking our butts. Woke up this morning to the thermostat reading 6 degrees 🙁 VERY cold to put it mildly. To make matters worse, the weather man is predicting another polar vortex similar to the one that hit a couple of weeks ago. Yikes!! I barely handled the walk from my driveway to the car back then.

In happier news, my son and I tried to make a snowman Tuesday when we got the 7 inches of snow but it was too powder-y. LOL. He was disappointed to say the least.  Below is our effort after shivering for an hour. Clearly, this is not frosty.


2 thoughts on “Winter in full force”

  1. ToniToni

    Winter is not my friend! It’s been a disrespectful 30ish degrees around here! But I would like to build a snowman one day.

  2. michellehowardwritesmichellehowardwrites

    LOL, you are welcome to join us in the northern states at any time in the winter for ineffective snowman building:)

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