Thursday Tasters

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     Welcome to Thursday Tasters where authors share a sample of a work in progress. Below I’m sharing a little of the bad boy story I’m working on. To see what everyone else is up to, check out

     Rana released a shaky breath and reached for the helmet Gavin extended toward her. Bright orange flames edges in yellow graced the sides in a perfect match to the flames licking the body of his midnight colored bike. She tried for a smile which felt unnatural then slid the helmet over her head. The dark visor colored the evening around her.

     “You ever ride?” His blue eyes watched her with a steady stare. A gentle breeze stirred tuffs of his dark hair.

     She’d rode a few years ago with a college boyfriend but this motorcycle didn’t look anything like Peter’s. In fact, it didn’t look like it had been built for two. The sleek lines and matte design spoke of speed and danger. Just like its owner.


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