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Paranormal and Contemporary Romance Author

Honor Bound- Excerpt


I can’t believe we are well into the new year already. Next week is February *gasp* I’m trying to think of my resolutions to see how much traction I’ve made and things don’t look well. LOL. On the positive note, I am in the final editing stages of Honor Bound my February Sci-Fi release. So without further ado, please see the brief excerpt below for a sneak peek. Enjoy 🙂

     Vaan shifted his attention to his best friend. Argan’s reaction he could not explain. His right hand Warlord remained firm in his distrust of her and wanted to kill the Raasa and be done. Argan’s irrational anger made Vaan view everything with a second eye. He’d already made one bad decision and could ill afford another. Vaan would be more cautious with their second chance at life. 

     When they crossed the threshold there were shouted greetings. The massive gate opened at their approach without question. They entered her hall unchecked and Raasa bowed in their presence murmuring, “Su-Su.” The term was unfamiliar to Vaan, though he knew a few words of the Raasa speech. The split at the end of their tongue made it impossible to mimic the sounds completely. Add in the clicks and hisses and it was not an easy language to learn.

     Women in brightly colored tunics surrounded Mikayla and cried out, their arms touching her familiarly. A few caressed her hair. The men approached, bald heads angled down in admonishment and welcoming smiles on their faces. Vaan forced himself to remain still but when the men attempted to add their touches, he pulled his sword and slid it between Mikayla and the nearest Raasa male that thought to approach. His men followed his action and the sound of fifteen weapons being drawn filled the hall.

     “Overlord, what are you doing?” Her eyes bounced back and forth from him to her people.

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