#Thursday Tasters

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Welcome to Thursday Tasters where authors share a sample of a work in progress. Below I’m sharing a little of the bad boy story I’m working on. To see what everyone else is up to, check out http://thursdaytasters.blogspot.com  Once more I’m sharing my bad boy work in progress right where I left off. Enjoy!

    Instead of answering directly, Rana nodded and the helmet wobbled on her head.

    Gavin chuckled and wiggled his fingers at her. “C’mere.”

     With a hand at her head to keep it from moving, she approached him. Tanned fingers tightened the chin strap before he tapped the side of it lightly. “Feel good?”

     When she nodded this time, the helmet held. His hand paused at her throat, fingers lightly caressing then pulled back. Rana swallowed her nerves. The gentle touch inspired hot thoughts. Thoughts of where else she’d let him put those hands if she had the guts to go through with tonight.

     Firm thighs covered in worn denim rippled as he squatted over the bike and kicked up the stand. “Get on nice and close, darling. Don’t be shy.” He winked at her as his hands reached for the handle bars. “I won’t bite.” He laughed as he gave her butt a boost. She thought she heard him add. ‘Yet.’

     Using the foot peg, Rana climbed behind him and her hips immediately glided forward to nestle against his lower back. His right hand lowered to stroke her right thigh. Heat started a slow simmer in her belly. “Lean forward and hold tight.”


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