Day 2 of Week of Love

For today in honor of my celebration of the Valentine holiday, I am gifting a copy of Honor Bound or No Reason to Run (your choice) to one random winner for comments sharing your favorite romance book and why its your favorite. This contest starts today 2/11/14 and closes midnight EST 2/13/14. Once the winner is selected, I will announce it on my site Friday 2/14/14 and give the winner the opportunity to send me their addy to gift the free ebook.



One response to “Day 2 of Week of Love

  • Toni

    I already have both copies but still wanted to comment :). My favorite romance book (mind you I’ve only been a semi-serious romance reader since last year) aside from all of yours is “What I Did For Love” by Susan Elizabeth Phillips. It’s my favorite because it showed me that romance characters aren’t all just one dimensional. Before I used to shun most romance novels, and the few I picked up seemed to fit some predetermined frame. Such was not the case with this book. I was drawn in to every word she wrote and was sad when it ended yet satisfied.

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