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Paranormal and Contemporary Romance Author

Week of Love


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Today begins the week all romance writers love. Its a 5 day stretch where everything around you is centered on our favorite genre. ROMANCE. Doesn’t matter if its sci-fi, contemporary or paranormal-this week I plan to gorge myself on chocolate and love. Soooo, long story short I’m sharing some toe curling romances that I’ve recently finished. Oh and raisinets was my chocolate of choice for Monday. LOL

Dragon Heat by Ella J Phoenix- I’ m probably late to the game but just discovered this author’s books and who wouldn’t love a dragon demi-goddess falling for the King of vampires? Absolutely as hot as the title says.

Onyx by Jennifer Armentrout-Yes, yes, I know. Call me super late on the love train that is Daemon. Its YA hotness rolled up with an A-MA-ZI-NG plot. The best part is despite this being a multi book series, the author did a great job and I was able to jump right in and understand the storyline. Even downloaded Origins immediately after but must confess to being partial to Onyx because Daemon’s smirk is used to communicate so effectively. (I love a good man smirk 🙂 )

Staking His Claim by Tessa Bailey- If you have not tried Ms. Bailey’s work yet, RUN. Holy hotness her heroes are beyond smexy. Great stories, great characters and SHC was recently on amazon for .99. That’s a win in my book.

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