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Paranormal and Contemporary Romance Author

No Reason to Run-sale


No Reason to Run will be on sale March 31st on Amazon for 99cents. For those that haven’t tried my contemporary novel feel free to take this opportunity to get it for two bucks less than the list price. I hope you’ll enjoy their story as much as I did.


Sneak Peek Below

“Listen, lady. You wanna go somewhere, tell me now and I can drop you off before one of us gets hurt.”

Her sharp inhale rasped against his neck. She sat close enough for him to feel her every breath. Another fragrance joined the aroma of his lemon scented car freshener. Vanilla, his mind identified. He heard her scramble around and the pressure at his neck disappeared. A quick check in the rearview mirror showed an enticing curve of hip and a heart-shaped ass.



He had no reason to get involved 
Ex-military soldier Shane Mitchell enjoyed uncluttered life just the way it was. He didn’t need or want to take on anyone’s problems.

She had no reason to trust a stranger
Ex-wife to a powerful politician, Olivia discovered a secret that made her a danger to his career. On the run with her daughter, she doesn’t see any other way to get help.

There was no reason for them to count on each other
Together Shane and Olivia find there’s no reason to run from their past and the feelings they have for one another.

**Intended for mature audience. Contains explicit sex and language

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