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Sneak Peek-Project Genesis


Just a little sample (unedited) from Project Genesis. Hopefully it won’t end up on the editor’s floor. LOL. To give a little set up, our hero Vincent Michaels aka Vin is fending off an attack from the aliens who are invading Earth.


     His first face to face with the Rekabians and Vin summarized it in a few words. Ugly and fast as f*. The huge suckers just kept coming. Vin fired shot after shot at the torso hoping to hit something vital. Aiming at the head did nothing but jar the Rekabian. Vin separated from his team shortening the distance. His men took cover behind a red SUV laying fire over the hood.
The Rekabian on his right raised its weapon. Seconds later, laser fire dug chunks from the blacktop spewing a geyser of gravel and dust. Rock’s modified G32 blasted away behind him.

     Undeterred, it approached slowly on legs with backward knee joints. The large beak like mouth moved up and down making a harsh squealing noise followed by several rapid clicks.

     “No clue what you’re saying, bastard.” Vin raised his G32 high and aimed at the alien’s green plated chest.
The creature charged and Vin pulled the trigger. His weapon whirled then clicked. Nothing happened. Holy f*! Backing up slowly, Vin pulled the trigger again and again as the distance narrowed between him and enemy number one.

     Rock raised his weapon without hesitation. Fire danced across the Rekabian’s torso. One long roar escaped and it collapsed on itself filling the air with its putrid smell.

     Vin let out a breath and slapped his palm against his helmet release. When the visor rose, he eyed Rock. “You added a flame thrower capability?”

His man shrugged his shoulders. “It seemed a good idea at the time.”

     “Shit,” Bransen cursed and then snickered.

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  1. JudyJudy

    I absolutely canNOT wait for this book!

  2. ToniToni

    counting down to the release!

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