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Paranormal and Contemporary Romance Author

Writing, working, writing…


You get the picture 🙂 The day job has been super busy lately but I’ve managed to finish my novella to Honor Bound. It’s in the final edit stage and final read through. Now I’m hard at work on the next book to keep myself from stewing too long and dealing with the stress of worry and self-doubt. I can’t believe that my current WIP is flowing. Today is indeed a good day. Yesterday I closed out with 4k completed AND I managed not to go back and re-edit the pages. LOL. Today, I squeezed in 500 words and hope to tackle another 3k tonight since I already outlined the scene I wanted to take place next. This is the first time I have several scenes and segments already jotted down. No order whatsoever and that scares me a little but I’m trusting my muse and following the road of a pantser. Fingers crossed those scenes aren’t wasted scenes and my characters don’t take charge and go on their own path. LOL


How’s your writing project or what are you reading currently?     

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  1. Susan GourleySusan Gourley

    You’re flying through your writing. I’m busy reworking some things in a book I just got my rights back from a publisher. I’m excited that one of my other publishers had agreed to re-release it. Enough to keep me busy all week.

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