Thursday Taster

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Welcome back everyone! Here’s my taster for this week. Please feel to leave a comment and let me know what you think of my bad boy Gavin and little Rana. Also, visit my taste mates at

     “At last?” She hiked a brow in his direction. Without answering, he pushed her onto the bar stool with a firm touch to her shoulder. As soon as Rana’s butt hit the seat, his large frame surrounded her from behind. Gavin’s chest leaned into her back as his forearms draped over the counter.

     Goosebumps danced down her spine. The smell of some unknown cologne drifted to her nose. Heavy but tantalizing. She wanted to drown in the scent. Maybe roll her nose in the collar of his shirt so she’d have the olfactory memory when they parted ways.

     “At last, I get to see your face.” The arm on her left lifted to signal the bartender who nodded and finished serving a drink to a fresh faced girl wearing a crown with the number twenty-one in rhinestones across the front.

     Rana tipped her head back to catch Gavin’s expression. Going for bold, she offered a saucy smile. “And?”

     His head lowered until his face brushed hers. “And I like it, darling.”


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