Happy Friday

This has been a busy month so far. Lots and lots of marketing for the release of The Overlord’s Heir, my sequel to Honor Bound. I’ve even become more facebook savvy. Or I’m figuring it out more. I still like twitter for quick and easy but there is something about Facebook that sucks you in. LOL. I’m so caught up on what other authors are doing and finding new books to read that I ended not making my word count one single time this week on my WIP šŸ˜¦ Oh, well. I have to strapĀ on my heels and commit to some serious writing this weekend. Hopefully I’ll have some blow out sessions and get back on track.


As for upcoming events, I haveĀ a Facebook takeover planned for 9/1 from 3-5 eastern. I’ll post moreĀ later but it should be lots of fun. I’m giving away signed copies of my books, e-copies of my book and an amazon gift card. The wonderful MK Eidem, author of Grim hasĀ agreed to give away books and depending on her schedule with Wray she may stop in.Ā If you need a contemporary fix, JA Hornbuckle is also offering up some hot men as prizesĀ from the Hellion series and my personal fave HH featuring Dex and Laila.

Stay tuned for links and details and feel free to hop over.Ā Now to go back to the writing cave while I force Tarik and Argan to get along with the heroines in their respective books. If you missed my August newsletter, I confirmed that the Warlords will be a series šŸ™‚




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