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Paranormal and Contemporary Romance Author

Happy Friday


Once more, I have let blogging fall a little to the way side. Hopefully with school about to start, I can get back on track writing and scheduling my blogs. Today is the end to a pretty good week. Got some writing done on Tarik’s story and jotted down notes on another book that completely wasn’t on my radar but didn’t want to ignore the Muse. LOL. I also treated myself with a new hairdo and had my eyebrows done. Almost feel like a new woman 🙂 It’s amazing what a little pampering will do, especially on the heels of a stressful day. This weekend I have a birthday to drag the kiddies to and a final blitz on school stuff.

As for the upcoming birthday stuff for my baby boy, thank the universe for Etsy and Pinterest. Or maybe google since that’s what I used to find anything Halo related. If you have boys and they are anything like mine the Halo video game is HUGE. Really. And of course there’s absolutely nothing logo or themed for parties out there so I’m piece mealing it and loving all the creative ideas out there. Let’s just hope the kid appreciates the effort his mom is going through.

Anyone else had difficult birthday request from the little ones? Please share 🙂