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Hook of the week


This week I’m using a teaser from my upcoming release A King’s Revenge (Warlord Series Book 2.)


When you lose what you loved most…

Tarik Sabarn, King of Desani, thought he’d lost everything when his Queen was murdered.  In the years following her death, he gave up on love and focused on ruling his Kingdom. When he meets Lea at a United Alliance meeting, he finds what was once lost.

When you find what you’d always been searching for…

Lea never imagined a random night of passion would lead to answers she’d spent years searching for. After a night with Tarik, she learns more than she bargained for and finds love. But if she’s not careful, they’ll both lose out again.



“What kind of wager are we making?” She asked.

He stretched his legs under the table and their legs bumped again. Sizzling heat exploded in her core. Lea yanked her feet back severing the contact. Tarik smirked but waited until the waiter sat the drinks and left before speaking. “Let’s make it interesting. I hope I don’t offend when I suggest a small token. A kiss.”

Lea swallowed thickly. She’d kiss him and didn’t need a wager for it. Fiery heat scored her cheeks on the heels of the thought. Still she forced herself to meet his gaze. “Is the kiss the prize or forfeit?”

Tarik’s amused snort rewarded her. “We’ll call it both unless you have another suggestion.”

Absolutely not. With the way it stood, one of them would be kissing the other before the night was over and in her mind that made neither of them the loser.

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