Mating Urge-Love Without Boundaries

Here’s a snippet from my upcoming release Mating Urge in the Love Without Boundaries anthology. Our pretty cover was done by

Love Without Boundaries

She touched his arm and gasped at the heat emanating from his skin. He’d been hot before but now it was as if a fire burned beneath his flesh. Her touch changed to a gentle stroke in an attempt to soothe. His hand grabbed onto hers.

“Stop.” A moan followed. “Please.”

He released her abruptly, head tilted back on the wall those amazing eyes closed.

“Aran? Let me help you.”

His lids lifted, a hoarse laugh escaping. “Help me? Believe me, Ellie. You don’t want to help me.”

Another hero that I’ve fallen in love with. Aran gets two thumbs up from me 🙂



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