Starting the new year off with the Weekend Writing Warriors 🙂

This week, I’m kicking off my 8 sentences from my upcoming romance Torkel’s Chosen. I wanted to put a spin on the romance trope where alien men go to Earth looking for women because their females were dead or dying. In this book, human women are leaving behind their home planet to find men elsewhere.

Now Faye understood the excitement in the line. These men were gorgeous and their dress or lack of was enough to rouse any woman’s blood pressure. Their bodies glistened in the late evening sun and not from heat she realized. Someone had taken the time to oil every inch of their exposed skin.

Faye’s eyes bugged as she wondered if she’d died and gone to some alternate form of heaven. The men wore ancient versions of a kilt. It was the closest analogy for the short leather skirts around their waist. Faye swallowed to keep her drool in check.


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