Great Read by Grace Draven-Radiance

It’s no secret I love marriage of convenience romance. Plenty of authors do them and do them well. Grace Draven hits the nail on the head with her latest fantasy romance Radiance. Aside from the gorgeous illustration on the cover, I fell in love with the characters of this story. Ildiko (heroine) and Brishen (hero) found themselves used as political pawns by their family in an arranged marriage. Both accept this as they’ve always known their status would end in such circumstances. What makes this an excellent read is the rich world building and the humor Draven uses to show this human and alien as they fall in love. Brishen is a creature of the night and Ildiko is a blossom of the light. (my paraphrase :))The two explore not only their cultural differences but their physical differences as well. Of course the hero finds her odd eyes frightening and she finds his razor sharp teeth a thing of nightmares. When I wasn’t laughing at their perceptions of each others looks, I was growing to love how they handled their marriage.

This story has given me an excellent start on my romantic reads for 2015. If you love sci-fi romance or fantasy romance, I highly recommend. Check out for more reads by her.

Available on Radiance (Wraith Kings Book 1)
, Smashwords and BN


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