#MFRW Torkel’s Chosen teaser

Welcome all. This will be the last snippet from my sci-fi romance Torkel’s Chosen for MFRW since it releases this weekend Feburary 1st. *fist pump* I’m already thinking of which WIP I’ll feature next week or if I’ll use something from my back list. Okay, I’m taking up where I left off last week where our heroine chose Torkel.

Torkel mentally urged her to look up. He wanted to see her face again but a male wasn’t allowed to touch any of the females until after they were chosen. He cleared his throat. “I’m honored, if you would have me.”

Her head snapped up and her smile blinded. Pearly white teeth in neat rows flashed him. Brown. Her eyes were brown and shined with a light that tugged at his hardened emotions.

Now off to check out the other hooks here: http://mfrwbookhooks.blogspot.com/



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