SFR Friday Sneak Peek

Happy Friday friends!! Today I’m participating in another blog hop. This one is for the SFRB (Science Fiction Romance Brigade) That means snippets, updates and a look see at other sci-fi romance books 🙂 Win! Check it out here

I’m sharing a small slice from my new release Torkel’s Chosen

She was a small thing. Maybe five and half feet. Torkel bent at the waist and lowered his head. “Slide it over my neck,” he murmured for they were attracting stares. Partly because they were the last couple on the sands and partly because of the momentous occasion. Torkel, the unwanted, was being chosen.

Unable to believe he finally had a woman of his own, Torkel asked, “What’s your name, Chosen?”

“Faith Reid but I prefer Faye.”


Available on Amazon, BN, Apple and Smashwords

Also, please stop by Anna Hackett’s site as I share a little of my favorite sci-fi things 🙂 She was gracious enough to host me and her questions were fun.


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