February the beautiful month of love 🙂 It’s also that time again. WEWRIWA! Go here to get a full list of authors sharing a snippet of their stories or WIP. http://www.wewriwa.com/

This is a snippet for #8Sunday from my WIP in my warlord series.(unedited) My hero is from a warrior race and recently he’s had cause to rethink everything he knew and expected about relationships with women.

Laughter peeled out in the outer court yard. His fellow Warlord, Balal, chased after the Raasa woman he’d recently taken as his mate. She raised her hands in a surrendering gesture, shaking her dark head back and forth while she smiled. Apparently his friend was not in a forgiving mood because Balal scooped the pretty Raasa in his arms and carried her toward the stairs of their home.

Pain flared in Argan’s heart as he turned away from the sight. The ache in his chest was a familiar one. Of late the sharp pains became routine when he witnessed his friends and their obvious love for the women in their lives. Before betrayal and treachery changed his life, Argan had believed he would find a nice woman from Kaban and make her his bride.

Now to work on the blurb since I’m half way though the story ;p



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