Sucky Friday…whine fest. Bring cheese

I’m having a sucky Friday 😦 Lost 2 chapters on Arak’s Love yesterday. Didn’t use my flash drive or external drive when I decided to pop over my mom’s and do some work. THEN icing on the cake, I tossed out the paper notes I had and deleted the notes from my phone once I finished transcribing them into the doc. Not sure what happened but apparently it didn’t save which I didn’t discover until now. Major bummed out because it was a crucial important 2 chapters not to mention almost 7k of words. Gone!! I could cry but now I have to try and fix. Obviously I know what happened in the scenes but I’m not sure I’ll have the dialogue the same or all the body language and gestures. (((WHINE)))

Hope going to see Pitch Perfect 2 with one of the kids today makes me feel better because right now I want to poke a fork in my eye.




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