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Paranormal and Contemporary Romance Author

Update-Something New pt 4


Man, looks like I left my blog alone for a bit. I’ve been knee deep in the writing cave, the editing cave…name a cave and I’ve been there. LOL. I have a lot going on in my efforts to get the next book/s out to my lovely readers new and old 🙂 Be patient with me if I seem to go dark here and there.

Ok, as a treat, I’m posting another snippet from my Something New Project that I’ve shared on my blog. Here ya go!

Cellie threaded her hand through his dark hair, strands curling about her fingers. “I missed you too, Commander.”

He sucked the sensitive spot at the side of her neck before lifting his head. “Are we using titles tonight, Senior Guard Manx?”

Cellie stretched out on her back, arms over her head, trusting him as she’d trusted no other lover in her past. “I’m open to playing if you can keep up.”

His steel grey gaze darkened at the sensuous dare. “Assume the position, Manx. You’re under arrest for violation of code 6634-Brom.”

Fighting back a smirk, Cellie rolled to her hands and knees and glanced over her shoulder. “Remind me, Commander. Which law did I break?”

His lids lowered, thick lashes hiding his smoky gaze. “Failure to make me come as soon as I arrived.”

Cellie arched her back and rasped, “I’ll take the punishment, Commander.”