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Harlequin book


So I’m cruising through the net in between getting caught up on email and stumble on this.

The Forbidden Marriage (What Women Want!) by Rebecca Winters


Heres a bit of the blurb:
When Michelle Howard finds herself agreeing to nurse Zak Sadler for the next month, she’s not sure what she’s let herself in for! Michelle is reluctant to get so close to this sexy new Zak, whom she hasn’t seen for two years. Any relationship with Zak is strictly off-limits!

With the heroines name I just had to one click 🙂 I used to love reading harlequins for the angst factor. Its been a while now. Do you read them and do you have any good recs? My favorite are the ones by Harlequin Presents. I swear I still tear up on those even when the grovel from the hero is one page long. LOL

3 thoughts on “Harlequin book”

  1. Susan GourleySusan Gourley

    LOL. How funny to find your name on a character. I read Harlequin books when they’ve been written by a friend. Hope you had a happy ending in the book and lots of groveling.

    August 4, 2015
  2. michellehowardwritesmichellehowardwrites

    I haven’t read it yet Susan but I think its going to end well . This is such a keeper for me

    August 5, 2015
  3. Teresa CypherTeresa Cypher

    Haha! I thought I was reading a typo! That’s awesome. 🙂

    My mom and all four of my sisters read Harlequins. When my mom passed away at 83, we had to cancel her subscriptions to two different Harlequin book clubs. I never read them. I don’t know why I was the different one. They used to pass the books around to each other. I suppose the books were dogeared by the time all five of them had read them. 🙂

    There is no better way to age for book, no? To have been read by many, and be dogeared as proof. 🙂

    August 10, 2015

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