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Paranormal and Contemporary Romance Author

Friday at last


During a weekly blog hop for August and September, I shared small scenes from a book I’ve titled, Love Like No Other. This story is a sci-fi romance and takes place in the world of characters from Mating Urge. I don’t have a date set yet and I don’t have a cover but I do have a blurb 🙂 Blurb writing is difficult but I can check that off my list since I wrote it over the summer.

Because I like celebrating the completion of each book, I’m sharing a snippet from Mating Urge just as a warm-up for the sequel which will be out this winter.


Low panting growls emitted from his mouth. The rough and snarling sounds should have sent her fleeing from the room. Instead Ellie knelt in front of his drooping head and placed her hands on his shoulders. Her fingers whisked the long tumble of hair from his forehead. Sweat dampened her palm.

“Alright, mister. You’re seriously ill and it’s worrying me.”

He tipped his face up. Their gazes caught. His tortured and pained, hers filled with concern. “You need to leave, Ellie. Now, before I hurt you.”

“Experience has shown me that if a person is more worried about hurting you, odds are they won’t.”

Aran snorted. “Naïve and foolish.”


His mouth twisted in a wry smile. “Just adding to my list.”

Mating Urge can be had for a deal in the Paranormal Obsession boxed set for .99 as well as 7 others sexy tales of romance 🙂