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So today, I’m reading through a rough draft of my current WIP. I’ve moved on from Love Like No Other which needs a final read through when I have some distance from it. Anyway, I got to chapter 6 of my current story and went from man this is good to WTH? LOL. The life of a writer. The good thing is that I can go back and smooth out the parts I don’t like if they don’t gel. I’ve gotten a lot better about deleting sections without a strong drink 🙂 My October newsletter will give an update on some of my coming projects as well as excerpts and I believe I have a cover reveal this month too. After I get past a few things on my plate, I will also update my book section with the latest.

I have three covers completed for upcoming books and one in the works. My head is spinning but I’ve tried to be more organized about my schedule and once I finish a project I sit it on the side for official editing, cover work, a round with the beta readers and then it goes up for preorder. Based on my re-read, this evening will include plenty of rewriting my friends LOLOL.




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