Christmas Giveaway Day 4-Favorite Memory

I’ve had so much fun reading the comments this week ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks to everyone who visited during my Christmas giveaway. Today for a chance to win (audiobooks, giftcards, kindle fire or autographed books from me) you can share a favorite holiday memory. My best one is the year I convinced my son he’d just missed Santa Claus going up the chimney of our fireplace. He was AMAZED and said good job mommy. LOL. Below is the picture I showed him as proof ๐Ÿ˜‰ The kids are getting older and I miss doing fun stuff like this. Do you have a favorite holiday memory?



4 responses to “Christmas Giveaway Day 4-Favorite Memory

  • msdebms

    One of my favorite memories is actually captured in a photograph. Way (way,way) back in the day we had one of those aluminum Christmas trees with the backlit color wheels that would change the tree from silver to green, blue, red or gold. Mama wanted a picture of my sister and I beside the tree. We each wanted the tree to be a particular color in the photograph (and not the same color, of course). The picture turned out pretty good except for one small thing. We were each so intent on making sure OUR color was present that neither of us were looking at the camera when the picture was taken…we were watching the tree. I guess you could pretend we were admiring the tree instead of jealously watching it! LOL! I’m glad Santa wasn’t watching our little battle or it would have been ashes and switches for us that year.

  • Kirsten

    When my mom and I were finished putting up the tree, Persephone, my dog, would take her favorite “babies” and put them under the tree. We always thought she was putting her favorites on display!

  • bn100

    decorating together

  • cosmicread

    Baking sugar cookies with my mom and my sisters.

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