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Paranormal and Contemporary Romance Author

Have A Spooktacular Day


Today is Halloween in the US where little ones dress up as ghosts and goblins or kick butt princesses as they scour the neighborhood for treats 🙂 My little ones aren’t quite little any more. Well, except my youngest and despite 2 of them being taller than me, I didn’t realize how fast they are growing. I miss those younger years 🙁 I’m one of those parents that enjoyed every pumpkin patch, every Halloween party and every prank I could pull on them. This year my youngest will go out with a group of kids in the neighborhood and the husband and I are relegated to passing out candy on the porch.


Anyway, on to more upbeat stuff. LOL. A King’s Revenge released on audio last week and listeners seem to be responding well. Love Like No Other is on sale for a limited time on all vendors and even better the audio will be out in another week or so 🙂

This has been a truly challenging year for me but I’m glad I was about to get a total of 7 audiobooks out to listeners who cant enjoy ebooks or print books for one reason or another. I hope everyone finds one of these formats helpful so they can take time for a bit of romance.

Oh and my newsletter went out with the short story from the Warlord Series. Make sure to check your promo folder or spam to see all the stuff going on.