Holiday Romance Blog Hop


The holidays are about 2 weeks away. I’ve finished shopping, wrapped most of my gifts and generally feel quite prepared for the holiday this year. To celebrate some of my “free” time I’m participating in the SFRB Blog Hop. I love blog hops because I discover new authors and new books. It’s been a while since I’ve done one too. Click here to see what’s going on with other SFR authors and maybe pick up some new reads. I know I plan to 🙂

I don’t have any holiday stories but decided to share a small snippet from my latest release Kyele’s Passion since one of my current WIPs is from the A World Beyond series.







“What happened?” Azar asked calmly as Victoria turned her head away.

“She attacked me.”

Lasan held one arm in an iron clad grip while Victoria struggled. Rison wasn’t exerting as much pressure on her other arm but his hold was solid as well. Between the two men there was no where for her to run.

“You couldn’t subdue her, Lasan? One frail woman?” Azar asked, not taking his eyes from the sudden sneer on Victoria’s face. His heart clenched at the visible sign of her hatred for him.

Lasan smirked and tightened his hold on Victoria’s arm causing her to wince. “I merely slapped her to get her to cease.”

“Ah, I see.” Azar drew his weapon and fired his laser directly at Lasan’s head.

Victoria screamed as the soldier dropped beside her. Azar couldn’t meet her gaze and found it easier to face Rison. “She is mine.”

Azar waited for Rison’s sharp nod of acknowledgement. “She’s not to be injured. Ever. Make sure everyone knows this or there will be more useless soldiers to me.”

“Yes, General.”

He turned his back on them unable to face Victoria and her judgment. “Get her back to her room and have someone clean up this mess.”

“Yes, General.”

“You monster,” Victoria shouted behind him. “You’re nothing but a monster!”

He steeled his heart against the pain her words caused. It was a good thing his people thought he had no feelings. If they did, they’d know that he loved a human from Earth who wanted nothing to do with him.

And he was a monster. At least she had that right.



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