Christmas Blog Hop-Giveaway 3

Happy Friday! Last giveaway. This is for an autographed copy of Trial By Flame which is signed by MK Eidem and I. Comment below and share if you’re a gift bag or wrapping person when it comes to presents 🙂 I’m all about wrapping paper but the worst wrapper ever. My edges never fit and I use loads of tape😂


6 responses to “Christmas Blog Hop-Giveaway 3

  • Colleen C.

    Oh I enjoy wrapping gifts… they don’t always come out perfect, but I enjoy trying! Happy Holidays! 🙂

  • Angela Charles

    It actually depends on the person. Some people get the extra attention and some don’t. Sometimes though when the gift it to big (a lot of little gifts turned into one big gift) I just use a gift bag.

  • Sarah Reyes

    Wrapping gifts and I’m very good at it if I do say so myself!!!!! Always get complements!! Lol

  • Michelle Bradley

    I love to wrap. I would earn extra money as a teenager wrapping presents at the mall.

  • Shannon Ferguson

    I am definitely a wrapper! I love to make gifts look pretty and I think it shows that you put effort into the gift as opposed to throwing it in a gift bag and shoving tissue paper on top. Mind you, I’ve used the gift bag method too. Lol 😂

  • Erin

    I am the wrapper in the house. When I was younger my mom would get me to wrap almost all the gifts.

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