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5 yr Authorversary


My blog started 5 years ago this month. 5 years ago my sister gave me an RWA membership and journal to try writing for my birthday. In fact, she set up this site for me as well to blog my journey to authordom at the same time. Needless to say I was startled, kinda scared then thought what the heck. I loved reading and writing and figured let me at least try. Fast forward 5 years later and I’ve published 20 books, have two running series, won awards and made the USA bestsellers list. No way could I have imagined or even hoped for that kind of happiness. And it is happiness for me. Looking at my printed books filling a shelf and I can only shake my head in wonder.

So happy authorversary to me and thanks to all the readers and friends I’ve discovered along the way. Here’s to another 5 years. 🙂

4 thoughts on “5 yr Authorversary”

  1. bookedunicornbookedunicorn

    Happy authoversary , thank you for your wonderful books

    March 5, 2018
  2. Shawn HartShawn Hart

    As a reader relatively new to the alien romance genre (what was I thinking?!) i was beyond thrilled and excited to find your book series! I have thoroughly enjoyed all and recommended them to friends and family ?. Please continue to give us more of your wonderful stories and sexy characters ?

    March 5, 2018
  3. SarahSarah

    Happy authoversary Michele and many more to come!!!! I love your books.

    March 5, 2018
  4. Susan GourleySusan Gourley

    Happy day. It’s great to have a sister like that. I know you’re worked hard for all that success.

    March 5, 2018

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