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Quick Monday check in and a throw back


Sorry for the late post. I slept in because school is out and I didn’t have to take my youngest in 🙂 This means summer has officially arrived for me. LOL. I’m knee deep in the sequel to Raging Tempest. My mind is buzzing with what has happened to some of our faves and what’s going on with their adult children. While I’m focusing on Ghost Unit guys, I’m making notes on those kids and their potential love stories

Now with that update out, here is my throwback. A King’s Revenge. This is book 3 in my Warlords series. Writing this series was my first foray into sci fi romance and the characters will always hold a special place in my heart. This is a second chance romance.

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Here’s a little look:

“Are we drinking or waiting?”

Her tinkling laugh shook away his thoughts of the past. Tarik reached for his drink noticing she already held hers. “To peace among the stars.”

After all he was here to meet with the Alliance and other leaders to keep their part of the galaxy in order.

“To peace,” she agreed, enchanting him again with her bright outlook.

Tarik blew out the flame on the sword and tossed back the drink. Surprise almost had him choking when she mirrored his actions and slammed her glass on the table with a heavy sigh. The little witch. She didn’t look the least disturbed by the burning drink. Noticing his stare, she arched a brow and he gave in to the rich humor of the moment.

“Well met, Lea.” He signaled the waiter for another having the oddest feeling that he was about to be bested at his own game. Then again, the kiss was prize enough despite the outcome.

The smoking drinks arrived in seconds. This time she didn’t wait for him. She emptied the glass and gave him a challenging smile. “You better catch up.”

His groin tightened and Tarik caught up.