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Throwback Book-Claiming His Unexpected Baby


I got tangled up in releases and writing. As a result, I forgot I was supposed to do throwbacks throughout the year from my backlist of books. Oops. LOL. Here is one to tide you over for the weekend if you’re looking for something to read.

Today, I’m featuring Claiming His Unexpected Baby. This was my secret baby story. I’ve always wanted to do one and liked the different take I put on it to give this romance trope a bit of a sci fi twist 🙂

If you’re a fan of action romance with passion and haven’t tried the Assassins Guild, I highly recommend this one. It’s book 2 but you won’t be lost 🙂

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Sulen curled in on himself and pressed his hands to his temples, squeezing. “Stay. Stay with me.”

Resistance flared and the thinning connection between them twisted in a desperate effort to unwind and free him. Sulen didn’t want to be freed. As angry as he’d been over the creation of the bond he hadn’t initiated, he was just as angry at the idea of it dissolving. Maybe more so.

She didn’t get to escape without paying for what she’d done by connecting them. Sulen shoved his energy down the line, every bit of strength he could spare flowing like an unstoppable stream to the person on the other end. He didn’t know how long it lasted or how much of himself he expended trying to bolster his…mate.

The realization had been sitting there all along. This person in the midst of dying, this female through some means not his own, was his mate.

And she was dying.

He choked back a denial and rolled weakly onto his back. She couldn’t die. Not til he found her. Discovered who she was and punished her for putting him through this.

Willing to die for this unknown woman, he sent energy he couldn’t afford, pulsing continuously through the mate bond.


More coherent than the other mental cries that were pure emotion. Sulen shifted at the shocking response. Despite the plea, his eyes slid closed as he increased the output. He’d give everything he had to see his bond mate survive. It was a duty he couldn’t deny even if he tried.


Safe. Safe. We.

We? Sulen let that detail go to probe the veracity of the emotion based reply, unwilling to believe blindly. The bond was rebounding. Shuddering as relief crashed over him, Sulen sighed out a ragged breath.

She was telling the truth. No longer in danger of dying. He cut the flow of his life source he’d been sending her.

“I’ll find you. Be ready,” he muttered right before weakness sent him spinning into a black void.