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Paranormal and Contemporary Romance Author

Throwback-Rydak’s Fall


I got so many emails constantly about wanting Rydak’s story when I wrote Torkel’s Chosen. Readers wondered if they’d missed a book when truthfully I just wanted to include a side character that was already in a relationship hahahahah.

Never did I expect people to want more about Rydak and Lissi. They had kids already! What more was there to know? LOL. BUT, a seed was planted and I eventually did write the story of these two. I remember being absolutely in love with the cover when my artist sent it over. There is nothing sexier than a man’s back or thighs to me 😛

Rydak was def a fan favorite before Kyele came and took over the scene 🙂 Rydak’s Fall is avail on all retailers in ebook and in print.
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Rydak’s Fall by Michelle Howard