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Paranormal and Contemporary Romance Author

Nano final check in


So two things, happy belated turkey day. I spent it with family and ate just enough to keep from being stuffed. Went shopping on black friday and it was surreal after being home and not really doing the huge mall shopping in the last two years. I wonder if it will always feel weird to see big crowds again.

Also, nano update. I am not going to win. LOL. Two years in a row where I’ve fallen off the rails halfway thru. I’m doing a standalone random story unrelated to my other stuff which means world building and created from scratch. I’m learning the characters and they keep flip flopping about what they want and who they are. 😛 I’ll keep working on this though because I”m intrigued by the storyline.

In other news for the newsletter subscribers, I’ve updated the secret project. If you have the link you can check it out. If you want to see the project and aren’t on my newsletter, sign up and you can get sneak peek too 🙂