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Paranormal and Contemporary Romance Author

Well into holiday season


My favorite holiday is almost upon us. Christmas for some of us in America. I love all the music, the lights, elaborate decorations and trees gone wild. Wrapping presents is something I do last minute and I’m terrible at it. LOL. But I enjoy all the nice wrapping paper so still a win, I think.

I’ll have my tree up shortly and decorate. Went shopping for matching pjs and look forward to a family photo 🙂

On the writing front I didnt hit my nano numbers but I’m still working on the book, plus a side project AND a book I started several months ago thats difficult to get right but I like what I have. I even have a cover for one of the three projects already.

There’s my update 😛 I’ll send out a newsletter as well so new subscribers can get the secret link for the side project I’m sharing piece by piece