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Paranormal and Contemporary Romance Author

Cover Reveal


Soooo, I have a new release coming this month! Woot, woot! Dangerous Love is a standalone book that I’m excited for readers to see. Here is the cover 🙂 amazon BN apple books kobo. Hoping to have the print release really close to the ebook. Fingers crossed.

Zanica would do anything to escape her sadistic leader. Even if it meant fleeing the only home she knew and mating with a total stranger. The problem? Fate dropped her into the path of one of the most ruthless males in the land with a reputation as dark and deadly as his eyes.

Pazir Catharte hadn’t planned on mating when he left that morning for the final hunt of the season. Stumbling upon a beautiful female at the edge of his territory sent his hunting instincts into overdrive.

He was the new leader of an unruly lot and problems had plagued him from the start. Then the female leaped into his arms and bit him. What else was he supposed to do?