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Paranormal and Contemporary Romance Author

Nano and work in progress


Happy hump day. If you haven’t figured it out, the month of November will be filled with nano gripes and highs. This is as good as any opportunity to really see inside an author’s head and watch their process. Obviously so much more goes on at the back end when the story is done but when I do nano it let’s you see how I pull my story together. Sometimes it will never see the light of day (two nano projects) and sometimes it leads to a book that launches a series (Honor Bound and Torkel’s Chosen)

I’m slowly gaining ground and there is a strong possibility, I might catch up on nano numbers by friday. Woot!

Now for the peek at the nano WIP.

Aliya had the feeling any call for help she made would be too late if this being decided to attack.

The newcomer tipped his head to the side, studying her from head to toe, gaze snagging on her breasts. When he lifted his eyes, the navy blue depths pinned her in place with the heat directed her way. Aliya shivered but bravely met his stare with her own.

“I want desperately to meet the challenge you so boldly offer,” the man said at last, eyeing her in a way that let her know exactly what he meant.