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Paranormal and Contemporary Romance Author

#Nano Day 15


Two full weeks into Nano and I’ve found a bit of a groove. Story is moving along quite nicely. 10k so far. It will be in the Vassi Contact series at some point in 2022.

Here’s a live look at my rough work in progress . (this is a judge free zone. My mind wanders until an editor gets a hold of me and I do read throughs lol)

Who does she belong to?
Who does she belong to?

The hunger for the knowledge grew within Rysdal. Round and round, his psyche swirled waiting for him to act.

As always the power at his fingertips gave him a rush and Rysdal subtly tightened his hold on the arms of his chair. To his left, Venik straightened and his hand dropped casually to hover over the weapon on his upper thigh.

Ahh. This one.

The knowledge he sought solidified in his mind. The human female belonged to the vaunted war hero. How surprising.