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Week #2 Nano


Its week 2 of nanowrimo and I’m pretty sure its my worst nano year ever. LOLOL. I can’t dig into the story like I need to but I’ll keep pushing through. So far I’m at 5k. 🙁 Ugh.

Here’s a tiny peek at all the rough glory of my work in progress.

Before she could make that statement, the man looked into her eyes directly and asked, “Do you belong to a Vassi?”

His voice was velvet smooth, the question calm yet full of demand as he awaited her response. So caught up in the depths of his navy blue gaze, she barely noted the nervous glance from Levin or the studious regard of the child, Emeka.

She should be his. She wanted to be his.


Danger. Danger. The warning from her mind couldn’t have screamed louder.

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  1. GerriGerri

    Sounfs good. I can hear that voice saying that.

    November 11, 2021

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