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Nano ends today

And I bombed. Yep, complete crash and burn. I have lots of excuses. Rydak’s Fall released, Trial by Flame released, I’m self editing a February release and I worked on two books that were difficult to find my groove. As a result without doing last ditch acrobatics, I’m pretty sure I’m finishing the month with 24k and some change. *sigh* I wont let this get me down. There’s next year. It was fun to sprint and meet new and old writer friends as they took up the challenge.

In other news, Jaron’s Promise will be the next release in A World Beyond. I can’t wait for everyone to meet his heroine and watch the two of them explode together. I’ll have the cover ready to post Friday. My newsletter subscribers saw it months ago and now I get to share it with everyone. Maybe sneak a little look at the book for everyone too 🙂


#Nanowrimo-Day 10

I guess one could say I’m 10 days in though I technically didn’t start until 11/3, I think. At least that’s the story I’m going with. I have made good strides from that disastrous 500 word sprint. I’m currently around 9k and some change. Nothing to write home about but the story is finally moving and I’m playing catch up. I’m not sure I’ll hit 50k but I think I’m going to put forth a pretty good effort. If I hit my stride which is usually after the 20k this is garbage spiel then I’m golden.

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So far the hero has been introduced, the heroine has been introduced (I freaking adore her already) and I’m winding in the plot slowly. Oh and I did change the heroine’s name and I’m very pleased and excited with that. Now if only the hero would use it instead of his nickname for her 🙂

Nano is here!!!

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What was I thinking? That’s the question I’m asking myself the 3rd year in a row and here I sit people. Doing nano 🙂 🙂 Wish my luck. I’m doing a sci-fi romance…yep. LOL. My hero today is a government agent, tomorrow…who knows. My heroine is a villain. *gasp* Why? I’m so glad you asked. I have no idea but I sure hope I know what I’m doing. Stay tuned and pop in because I plan to blog along the way my triumphs, frustrations and if I’m really having a crazy moment, I might share a scene or two.

Anyone else feeling the need to join the challenge? Comment here or buddy up with me on the nano site 🙂

Final Stretch #nano

This is the final stretch my nano brethren. Almost a full week left to rev the engines and bring your project home at 50k. How are you doing? Stressed? In a panic? If you’re in the US, the holiday this week could be a plus or minus. A plus if you get extra time off to write, a minus if you have family coming and they keep you from hiding away with the laptop 🙂 Whatever the case may be don’t give up. Pour on the heat and make this #nanowrimo your best effort ever. I’m cheering for you!

#Nano Day 14

Really? 14 days into nano? When did that happen? I think my heads been buried so far in the laptop that I missed the pressure of performing and watching the calendar fly by. Seriously, I’ve never written so much, so fast. I’m at the halfway point of the month and I should be hearing crickets but my muse is whispering in my ear consistently. She must know its Thanksgiving this month and has decided to be charitable. LOL. In terms of update as far as my word count is concerned, I have 42k. Yesterday was just shy of a 10k day. The ideas and story flowed fairly quickly. I spent a lot of time cheating this week and re-reading what I wrote to make sure it still made sense. That’s a nano no-no but I’m glad I did. There were a few details I left dangling and probably the reason I had such a banner day yesterday when I wrapped them up.

I’m 8k shy of the 50k goal. If I hit it this weekend, I plan to set it on the side, do the edits and fixes I got back on A King’s Revenge in hopes of getting it out to readers hands this month. After that I have to dive right back into a novella I’m working on for December. The novella is not a part of the Warlord series but may feature a character from my nano project if I can work it in 🙂