#Nanowrimo-Day 10

I guess one could say I’m 10 days in though I technically didn’t start until 11/3, I think. At least that’s the story I’m going with. I have made good strides from that disastrous 500 word sprint. I’m currently around 9k and some change. Nothing to write home about but the story is finally moving and I’m playing catch up. I’m not sure I’ll hit 50k but I think I’m going to put forth a pretty good effort. If I hit my stride which is usually after the 20k this is garbage spiel then I’m golden.

writing meme nano

So far the hero has been introduced, the heroine has been introduced (I freaking adore her already) and I’m winding in the plot slowly. Oh and I did change the heroine’s name and I’m very pleased and excited with that. Now if only the hero would use it instead of his nickname for her 🙂


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