I’m not sure where this rates on a scale, but I’m 25k words in on my work in progress. I spun my wheels for a bit and got caught in rewrite purgatory. For me, it means I made the horrible mistake of reading what I had so far and constantly editing. Luckily I broke the cycle when I noticed I hadn’t progressed much. Now I know to ONLY review and edit the chapter I’m working on and then push forward. The hardest thing I’ve discovered is squeezing in time to write. I have managed to get a system going and write late at night when the house is quiet. This seems to work best so far and allows me to focus on the words in front of me instead of the dogs barking and the kids screaming. My goal is to finish my book with around 65k-75k total word count. So far I’m past introducing my hero and heroine and need to develop some sexual tension between the two. Looks like back to reading more self- help books, specifically on how to do this without slamming the reader over the head with a sledge hammer.


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