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Book Review: Everybody Falls by J.A. Hornbuckle


I took a break from writing to get some reading in and I’m so excited about a recent new release of a self-published author I’ve been following. JA Hornbuckle’s (jahornbuckle.com) latest release is smoking HOT. Everybody Falls leaves the familiar town of Grantham, Colorado and takes us on a journey of love and discovery for former bad boy rocker Jax Wynters of the band Wynters Vicious.

At 25, Jax Wynter lost his life. As the youngest member of America’s number one rock band, Wynter’s Vicious, Jax lived a life with no rules or responsibilities. At least until his older brother, founding member and vocalist, died in a fiery car crash. Jobless, clueless and deemed unfit to handle his own affairs, Jax must sober up, man up and adjust to living as a ‘normal person’ in the ‘real world’.

At 24, Lacey Emerson found hers. Shuffled between her bi-polar mom and her former hippie grandmother, Lacey had no choice but to become responsible at a young age. Her chaotic childhood, though, gave her the skills and determination to succeed when she inherited her grandmother’s bakery. Her life was finally normal, real but very, very boring.

All it took was a five-point face plant to turn both their lives upside down. Sometimes you have to fall from grace before you can fall in love.

I’ve already finished it and must say I am in L-O-V-E with Jax. He’s sensitive and sweet and so in love with Lacey that it makes a reader’s heart melt. It doesn’t hurt that he’s covered in tats and has the humble vibe down pat. This is another story that I highly recommend. While Dex is still my number one hero from Ms. Hornbuckle’s Human Hieroglyphix – Dex & Leila, Jax definitely makes the cut.

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