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Paranormal and Contemporary Romance Author

Friday Favorites: Kindle Reads


I had a post all planned out for today but I didn’t save it and it went poof into the atmosphere.  So the time spent here is not wasted, I decided to list some of my favorite books from this week on my Kindle. I love branching out and trying new authors or books.  Carolyn Jewel is not new to me, however, I had only ever read her paranormals.

Lord Ruin by Carolyn Jewel – I think this is an earlier work by the author but I just discovered it and thought the story quite engaging.  It’s a historical romance about a duke who mistakenly sleeps with a high-bred lady who is recovering in his bed.  The two are forced into marriage by circumstances.  Popular theme yes, but I really loved the heroine in this story.  Anne made the best of her circumstances and really had no expectations from her husband, the duke.





One Letter by Christin Lovell – Short and sweet military novella.  I LOVE stories that involve the hero and heroine falling in love with one another via correspondence.  Letters, emails, accidental text messages, I go for all of it if done well.  Lovell knocks it out of the park with this story of a young woman who volunteers to write soldiers serving overseas.  One letter becomes over 386, as Kellie and Sergeant Rodriguez develop an easy friendship.  When the hero finally comes home, all he can think about is finding the woman that helped get him through his tours.  Novellas often fall short on a complete plot, character development and a believable romance but One Letter managed it all. I’m searching this author’s backlist for sure.