Good Things

Today was a stressful day on my full time job at the office. Even the four stress ball toys on my desk didn’t help.  I had to remind myself about the good things in order to stay calm and make it through my 8 plus hours.  I thought about my kids and called them on my lunch.  Amidst laughter and the dog barking, I could tell they were enjoying day 12 of their summer vacation.  Then I called the hubby and listened to him chatter on a bit about the fun he had going out with friends this weekend.  Slowly but surely I was able to relax and gird my loins per se when I returned to my office.

Sometimes you just have to regroup and remind yourself about the good things.  Even better it’s a holiday week so I only have to work 3.5 days.

To all our soldiers and veterans—a sincere and heartfelt thank you


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