Writing to the Beat

I love music. All music. So it’s no surprise that when I close myself off to write, I set up my IPOD to a few of my favorites.  Sometimes it’s a constant loop of a particular artist and sometimes it’s a mix from a certain genre.  Country and rock really get me moving.  For my WIP, I noticed I’ve been listening to pretty much the same songs by the same artists:

  • Adele
  • Miguel
  • Jason Aldean
  • Bruno Mars

I tried to find a trend but the only thing I noticed is that those songs by those artists connect with me on an emotional level ad when my emotions are activated, I write better and faster.  Go figure, if I’m struggling with a certain scene, I push play on my iPod and suddenly I’ve rewritten the whole section and it reads smoother for that matter.


What do you like to listen to that stimulates your mind?


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