Friday Favorites: Summer Snacks

Summer has really kicked it in gear in my neck of the woods. 100 degree days that range from hot and humid to hot and dry. It’s only fitting that my Friday favorites address some summer time edibles. Things that make you think and remember all the goodies you enjoyed as a kid during the summer. For me it was lemon heads, frozen cups in those dinky Styrofoam cups that you chewed on the edges to get to the middle (or maybe I’m the only one that did that), it’s slushy snowballs with marshmallow on top and toasted almond from the back of the ice cream truck.  BUT this is Friday favorites so if I had to pick one favorite treat from all those goodies, I’d pick…drum roll please.

Annnnd the winner is toasted almond. LOL. That’s what I’ve been snacking on this week to counter the heat. Toasted almond ice cream bars are my favorite blast from the past. It reminds me of running after the ice cream truck and how that was the highlight of a summer afternoon. We don’t get a lot of those any more and if so the kids just look at me with rolled eyes and tell me to go to the store and buy a box. Go figure, guess they don’t get the same thrill out of it that I did.

Hope everyone is keeping cool in the areas experiencing the summer heat wave. Time to check the fridge and see if I can sneak another toasted almond.


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