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Paranormal and Contemporary Romance Author

Week 1 Nano Update



Hello fellow Nano-ers. You officially have week one under your belt. Feeling good? You should. The momentum’s building and your story is starting to take place. If you’re on track with the 1667 words per day you are roughly around 11,666 words into your project. Not bad at all and puts you at the 25% mark. Keep writing my friends, keep writing.

It’s been a crazy hectic week for me. I immersed myself in my story as best I could until I got another fricking tear on my cornea. If you’ve never experienced this, please feel free to imagine a giant ball of grit stuck under your eyelid. The pain became so unbearable I was in tears. Well more than the ones caused from the overflowing eye sockets. It didn’t help that I already had minor outpatient eye “surgery” scheduled for today. C’est La vie or “the best laid plans yada yada.”

At any rate, I’ve made several buddies on the www.nanowrimo.org and hope they will help carry me through the finish line if needed. LOL. My Nano project is coming in around 8k. Not stellar but I’m giving myself a pass due to the week I’ve had and plan to rebound tonight as long as I can see clearly.

For my fellow Friday Flashers, I skipped this week due to eye issues (see above) and nano commitments. I shall be Flashing again before you know it 🙂

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